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The Zonta Club of Geelong, a member of Zonta International, is a non-partisan, non-sectarian organisation.  Information  posted is to highlight issues related to Zonta’s aim to build a better world for women and girls through service and advocacy.


As part of its Advocacy work the Zonta Club of Geelong, and many other Zonta clubs have written to local candidates standing for the Federal Election.  The letter asks a range of questions related to issues that we believe the  candidates should be advocating for.  A copy of the letter is reproduced below and we will be  adding responses that we receive from candidates. We would encourage you to  read the  questions and think about the issue we  raise and  if you are speaking to a candidate maybe ask them one or all of these questions.

Dear  (insert candidates name)

Zonta members believe that it is time for our political system to take women’s issues far more seriously and for politicians to have a far greater understanding of the issues that affect women. 


The Zonta Club of Geelong has been working in the Geelong community for over 40 years.  We would like to ascertain your understanding of, and opinion on, some of these issues and seek your response & information regarding your position on the following:


  • What would you do, or do differently to ensure that recommendations from Royal Commission and government reports are implemented in a timely manner and funded appropriately? Do you know which recommendations have been implemented and funded from recent commissions and reports?

Such as the:

Royal Commission into Aged Care

Implementation of the National Plan to End Violence Against women

National Enquiry into Sexual Harassment in Australian Workplaces, titled “Respect@Work”

Australian Govt Strategy to Boost Women’s Workforce Participation


  • What is your position on, and what will you do to improve affordable housing, especially for women over 55 at risk of becoming homeless?


  • What will you advocate for in relation to improving the opportunity for women to return to work?


  • Why is it that of the top 64 countries in the world Australia ranks 56 on Climate Change Performance Index for 2022 and is the only country in this list of 64 countries without a climate action plan.  Do you support Australia having a Climate Plan and would you advocate for one to be implemented?


  • What do you think is the single biggest action government could take to reduce our emissions rate?


Zonta’s vision is “a world in which women’s rights are recognised as human rights and every woman is able to achieve her full potential.  In such a world, women have access to all resources and are represented in decision-making positions on an equal basis as men.  In such a world no woman lives in fear of violence.”


We would like the opportunity to discuss the issues raised above with you in person.  A member of our club will contact your office shortly to arrange an appointment.

To keep our members and our Friends of Zonta informed about these issues we will be publishing this list of questions on its website along with your responses.



Fiona MacDowall


We will continue to add relevant information to this web page and would encourage you to "like" or "follow" our Facebook page to get up to date information about candidates view on many of these important issues


To date only two  candidates have responded to our request for information, Libby Cocker and  Richard Marles


Following the results of the election we are currently making arrangements to meet with Libby Cocker and Richard Marles about their plans to address the issues we raised prior to the election.